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KSTL Registration

How to Register

Registration for the KSTL competition is a two step process.

In Step #1 you will register information about your...

  1. School
  2. Advisors
  3. Billing contact

​You will not need to know your Individual or Group presentations at this time.

In Step #2 you will register your...

  1. Individual presentations
  2. Group presentations

​During Step #2 we will accept ONLY Individual and Group presentations.

Schools signed up in Step #1 will receive an email reminding them we are ready for Step #2.


Entry Fee

$30.00 per each student, 2 free advisor registrations.

Registration is limited to the first 300 students and advisors to register.

Registration will close when we reach a maximum of 300 registrants.

We reserve the right to limit registration.



  1. This competition is open to all Kansas students in grades 5 thru 12.
  2. Each school may bring two advisors and a group of up to twenty students. Additional students may be approved if room is available. You must get permission before bringing additional students.
  3. Each school may enter up to two presentations in each division, in either the middle school or high school age bracket.
  4. Each student may participate in two presentations during the day, that may include: two single presentations; one single and one group presentation; or two group presentations.
  5. Each presentation group may be no larger than four students.



Online registration information for the 2022 Competition will be open in September.

Form is embedded below, if you have questions, please contact Lori Rice.


KSTL Pages

Contact Information

KSTL Director
Lori Rice


Mail Checks to:

Lori Rice

Attn:  KSTL Coordinator

910 5th Street

Wamego, KS 66547