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MACE 2021

A Conference for Educators by Educators

MACE believes that our yearly conference has delivered amazing educational technology resources by providing teachers in the state of Kansas a platform to share, network, and display their classroom procedures and techniques. We believe that we focus on what is best for teachers every conference. 

With that in mind, this coming conference year, we believe what is best for teachers is to let them be teachers. We do not want to create the stress of presentation preparation, missing school days, or logging onto one more Zoom. We want teachers to be able to focus on their classroom, their students, and their families.

This year, we are postponing the March 2021 MACE conference so that we can stand by our mission to do what is best for teachers. Be prepared to attend the 65th MACE Conference, March 3-4, 2022. We will be Ditching the Textbooks, and learning from the one and only Matt Miller!




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EDT 8625 MACE 2020 Conference


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Jen Kern

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Jodi DeArmond

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