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Presenter Information

Equipment & Software

MACE will provide a LCD projector and screen in each room.

You will need to provide your own device. Additional hardware you may need will be your responsibility. Early arrival to confirm room setup is expected. You can expect technical support from the MACE staff.


Internet Access

The Alumni Center and KSU Student Union have wireless Internet access. You can connect to the KSU Guest wireless network.

If you require a "wired" connection please indicate that on the registration form. Every effort will be made to accommodate a "wired" connection request at the presenter table, but not guaranteed.

Please visit with your IT staff to make sure your device will operate properly with the KSU network. Please have your IT staff show you how to make the connection or have them set your device up ahead of time.



If providing paper hand-outs, expect up to 30 per session.

Electronic handouts can be left at the Registration desk or emailed to Jodi DeArmond before the conference.

Electronic handouts or links will be placed on the MACE Sched Grid.


Attendee Information

As an attendee of MACE please review the Spring MACE conference page.

MACE Conference >


Contact Information

Conference Manager, 
Jen Kern