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Why be a Presenter?

The MACE organization is committed to providing educators with the opportunity to share innovations, philosophies, and replicable practices designed to improve teaching and learning with respect to educational technology.

Our conference promotes teacher-leaders as presenters who serve as models and advocates for effective technology integration. Conference sessions should be designed to reflect current research and the integration initiatives to state and national standards for curriculum.

The MACE organization invites you to provide, share, and exchange your ideas, techniques, materials, and procedures for using technology in an educational environment.

Presenters who are technology using educators are encouraged to help spread the word about the best practices applied in your classrooms and school networks. We want to promote and encourage appropriate use of both hardware and software for the improvement of education.


What is a Session?

We have 45 minute blocks for this conference, you may select one block for your session, or you may select two back to back blocks for a 90 minute session.

Sessions will be placed in one of three categories: Talk, Demonstration, or Roundtable.

You may be asked to repeat your session.

Presenter sessions are not to be used as a forum for selling a product or service, this is the domain of Vendor sessions and the Vendor Courtyard.


Conference Fees

If your proposal is accepted, the conference registration fee is waived and you will be automatically registered for the conference.



If your proposal is accepted, you will be notified within three weeks after the due date.


Using a Co-Presenter

You may use co-presenters in your session...

  • They will not be listed on the Proposal Form.

  • They will not be listed in the conference schedule.

  • They must register for the conference.

  • They must pay the conference fee.




Contact Information

Conference Manager, 
Jen Kern