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Attendee Information

Internet Access

The Alumni Center and KSU Student Union have wireless Internet access. You can connect to the KSU Guest wireless network.

Please visit with your IT staff to make sure your device will operate properly with the KSU network. Please have your IT staff show you how to make the connection or have them set your device up ahead of time.



Lodging is your responsibility.

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MACE attendees will be able to park in the K-State Parking Garage during our conference. The parking garage is just across the street (east) from the Alumni Center.

MACE will offer free parking in 200 spaces at the K-State parking garage.

The garage will be open to MACE participants from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm on Thursday, and 7:00 am to 12:30pm on Friday.

You will need to print the Parking Pass QR Code that will be emailed to conference attendees one to two weeks prior to the conference. This will get you into and out of the garage for free or until our 200 stalls are full. 

Car pooling is suggested as each car that enters the garage counts towards our 200 spaces.

MACE does not guarantee free parking in the garage beyond our 200 spaces. If our 200 spaces are filled you may still park in the garage, but you will be responsible for the parking fee.

If you are staying at a hotel close to the Alumni Center we ask that you leave your car in the hotel parking lot and walk over to the Alumni Center.


Using the Alumni Center parking lot...

The Alumni Center parking lots, located on the east and west sides of the building, have 52 stalls, 4 are for handicap parking. Please follow these guidelines...

1. On Thursday and Friday: the Alumni Center parking lot is available.

2. On Thursday and Friday: no permit needed, the lot will not be patrolled.


Video & Image Disclaimer

All particpants and presenters may be photographed or video taped for MACE use.


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MACE 2024 Conference

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